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Gluten Free Party Box

Date - June 14, 2018 / Author - admin / Category - About Us, Candy Buffets, Gluten Free, Vintage, Weddings

GF Party Box by Rose and Violet


Our new gluten free party box was created out of Rachel’s passion for providing fun party food for her daughters who love to host parties but cannot eat party food due to Coeliac disease.


So Rachel created the Gluten Free Party Box specifically for those who suffer from Coeliac disease.

“It has been trying to say the least but I was determined to turn this set back into a blessing”.

To start with I needed to convert my kitchen into a gluten free safe space and get fluent in the science of gluten free baking. Most recipes I tried and tasted were terrible but after months of experimentation I feel like we finally have some delicious recipes. They don’t just taste good – they look good too.

I didn’t want to sacrifice that perfect looking cake, cookie, cupcake and cake pop we all love so much!”

We have a delicious vegan-sugar-free cake with soy cream flower. But we are obsessed with our Italian buttercream. These buttercream blooms taste as good as they look!

Our semi-naked birthday cake is inspired from a gorgeous sponge cake recipe Rachel received from her lovely Italian Mother-in-law, which is our favourite. We also have delicious chocolate, strawberry, vanilla and red velvet cake options. 

We use the best ORGANIC, GLUTEN FREE ingredients and bake in GLUTEN FREE KITCHEN kept to the highest standards.

Our cake pops are vanilla & chocolate flavoured and we also have a great gluten free vanilla cookie.

Organic ingredients used in our Gluten Free Party Box by Rose and Violet

“What we want to do now is try and eliminate refined sugar all together!”, Says Rachel. “But I guess Rome wasn’t built in a day!”

We have been sourcing gluten delicious donuts from daringtons gluten free bakery over the past year. Our usual gluten free lollies have proven to be very popular for years and years now. We have the most beautiful gluten free candy buffets around.

Its been very encouraging to see that this becoming a lot easier to find nice tasting gluten free and all natural and sugar free candy, lollies and confectionary – this is a video of just a small snippet of gluten free lollies available…



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