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The Rustic Candy Buffet

Date - May 24, 2014 / Author - admin / Category - About Us, Candy Buffets, Weddings




Rose and Violet the creators of The Rustic Candy Buffet show you how to do it yourself.

The Rustic Candy Buffet not only looks great, it is the most practical Candy Buffet of all time! This awesome candy buffet really does provide it all, whether you’re having casual drinks or cocktail party to planning a stunning Rustic Themed Wedding. All your guests will love this candy buffet because it provides something for everyone!

Rose and Violet

The Creator of the Rustic Candy Buffet, Rose and Violet from

The Rustic Candy Buffet can be used throughout the entire duration of the wedding as an alternative to Oeuvres for a Savory option.

It is the perfect accompaniment to pre-dinner drinks providing savoury nibbles, and can then be topped up later with after dinner mints & favour boxes for guests to take home at the end of the night.

Rose and Violet's Rustic Candy Buffet

Antique Centerpiece for The Rustic Candy Buffet

A rusty or antique centerpiece adds a beautiful timeless focal point.

Lighting the candles on the antique candelabra gives the table & the evening a stunning, warm & inviting ambiance.

The creator of the rustic candy buffet

A Chocolate Candy Buffet by Rose and Violet using Fairtrade and Organic Chocolate.

Savory and Sweet!… it still needs to have have something for us sweettooths!

To look after those of us who want something sweet and still incorporate the ‘rustic’ theme we love adding chocolate, chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate! Who doesn’t love chocolate? Dark, Milk & even White Chocolate looks gorgeous on our Rustic Candy Buffet.

Fairtade and Organic Chocolate is always chosen by Rose and Violet, “we always recommend our customers use fairtrade and organic, as much as possible!”

The Rustic Candy Buffet

Rose and Violet create The Rustic Candy Buffet with a wood table.

A wooden table looks best, but if there is no wood table available, brown linen or burlap & lace runners can be used as an alternative.

The Rustic Candy Buffet with Recycled brown paper

The Rustic Candy Buffet by Rose and Violet was created with recycled brown paper

Brown & Bark Paper is an organic & natural paper that can be recycled when its done, which also looks really beautiful. This brown paper was 100% recycled.

Apothecary Jars from Rose and Violet

The Rustic Candy Buffet with Apothecary Jars created by Rose and Violet.

We use quality glass Apothecary jars because they’re stylish, professional & hygienic. Sometimes when people try and create a rustic theme they will stay away from glassware. We think glassware is perfect to display the texture of the confectionary, keeping them fresh and free from contamination. Quality Apothecary jars can be washed at very high temperatures, keeping them sanitary.

Salted Caramel Macaron

Salted Caramel Macaron by Rose and Violet.

Salted Caramel Macarons! We bet you can’t stop at just one! Peanut Brittle, Rockyroad, Vanilla & Salted Caramel Macarons give a rustic texture to The Rustic Candy Buffet.

The Rustic Candy Buffet

Vintage Flowers for The Rustic Candy Buffet by Rose and Violet

Fresh flowers are always best if the budget allows, there are many rustic alternatives which can be used in place of flowers, like sticks and native plants.

Lace and Burlap on The Rustic Candy Buffet

Lace and Burlap for The Rustic Candy Buffet created by Rose and Violet

Rose and Violet Candy Buffet

The Rustic Candy Buffet earthy details

Styling of The Rustic Candy Buffet was kept simple and earthy with a splash orange, red, & yellow. Roses and Maple leaves were added to the table as well as the art on the favour boxes with the details of the event. Lace and Burlap is perfect for our Rustic Candy Buffet as well as Cream Ribbon for the buffet candy tags.

For more reading on how to incorporate details to a theme for your candy buffet: see our blog on “HOW TO CREATE THE PERFECT THEME…”

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